Supreme VPN

Stay private and protected online...

Before you start with any streaming service, we strongly suggest you consider setting up a VPN and the easiest method is to use the Supreme VPN service. Our VPN service offers 100% online privacy and security.

For complete online privacy and security, it is now recommended that intenet users enable a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN shields your IP address and browsing activity when you are online.

Supreme VPN is very easy to setup from within the app and it is built on one of the most highly regarded and stable VPN platforms available. It provides a very safe and secure private network and the service we offer is completely commitment free with no contract.

Upon sign up of our VPN service you will receive a 30 days completely free trial period followed by enrolment to our service on a monthy subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime through the app with a one click cancel feature.